LOTS OF STUFF FOR SALE: Drilling tools and equipment, packaging machinery,antique copper and brass items, surplus plumbing fittings, used tools and equipment, antique bottles, copper lanterns, household items and much more
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Miscellaneous Surplus
Used Tools & Equipment Used Materials Handling Equip. Packaging Machinery
Bronze & Brass Bells
Vintage Jewelery Surplus Bronze Valves
Surplus Cast Copper Fittings
Surplus Wrot Copper Fittings Surplus Lead & Copper Flashing Surplus Electrical
Surplus Copper Tubing
Surplus Solder
Sporting Goods
Used Heavy Equipment
Cutting & Welding
  Household Items
Vintage Signs
Antique Cash Registers
Antique Glass Bottles
Antique Copper & Brass Items
Copper Lanterns
Antique Copper Boilers
Copper Candy Kettles
  Antique Copper Fire Extinguishers
Miscellaneous Antiques
Vintage Fire Apparatus
Vintage Brass Hardware
  Antique Stoneware Nautical Items Surplus Truck Parts